Thursday, March 30, 2017

BRD Spring '17 T-Shirts & Patches

BLK RFL DIV's new tees have dropped for Spring '17!

First up there is the SHEEPDOG t-shirt (LINK), inspired by Lt. Col Dave Grossman famous "Sheepdog Concept" from his book On Combat & highlighted in popular culture in films like American Sniper. The abbreviated version:

Most of the people in our society are sheep. 
We may well be in the most violent times in history, but violence is still remarkably rare. This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other, except by accident or under extreme provocation. 
They are sheep.

Then there are the wolves and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. 
Do you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without mercy? You better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. 
There is no safety in denial.

Then there are sheepdogs and I’m a sheepdog. 
I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf.

Full passage:

Graphically, it takes on the silhouette of an operator wearing NODs and knocks out a dog skull. On the short sleeve tee, center back, it says "Creepin' While You're Sleepin'", a tongue in cheek play on the nocturnal activities related to the stealth operator, and on the long sleeve tee it has the same statement along the sleeves.

The short sleeve tee is available in a premium Graphite Heather and Mil Green. The long sleeve variant (LINK) is available in Athletic Heather and Mocha Heather.

Along with the tee, a PVC patch (LINK) was also released.

Up next is the AR15/M4 ALL DAY tee (LINK) available in Black and Brown Heather.

Being an AK enthusiast myself, I also had to do the AK ALL DAY tee (LINK), available in Black and Brown Heather.

Graphically, these two ideas are straight forward. With the execution I dropped in some distressing and motion by slicing up the design, add some character to it without overdoing it.

Both these tees also have representative PVC 3"x2" patches (LINK).


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Repeal the NFA!

Over the past few weeks BRD has been posting daily updates of the signature tally for the petition currently running to Repeal the NFA on social media:

As it stands today, there are 78,361 signatures to support the repeal and we need 21,639 signatures by February 19, 2017 to truly embolden our united voice against an egregious piece of legislation that only curbs the rights of and unjustly taxes law abiding Americans.

Don't know what the NFA is? Please read up on it:

There are two key events that are working in our favor.

First, the significant change in the White House with a new pro-2A administration and POTUS, President Trump.

Secondly, the supposedly leaked internal memo by the CCO of the ATF, Ronald Turk, called the "White Paper."  COO Turk has something called "common sense" and based on what I've read and discussed with friends, it is very refreshing to see a government official with practical ideas petition our very own government via a formal request, addressing topics that could ultimately change unConstitutional and asinine laws IF they are acknowledged and action is taken. Under Eric Holder and Obama's progressive regime, he probably would have been "retired."  COO Turk understands the opportunity we now have with a pro-2A administration, he requires our support and we should most definitely rally to his side.

A few informal notes on the "White Paper":

- Clarification of stabilizing braces, misusing a product is not the same as redesigning or manufacturing.
- Deregulation (NFA) of suppressors.
- Drastically re-analyze "sporting purposes" to include common use rifles (many that are banned now) and allow their import. (Bring back Saigas... wait we don't need Saigas, AKMs, make it rain!)
- Streamline processes for DDs and ammunition for them.
- To allow interstate purchasing at gun shows or other events. 

The breaking post from TFB:

There are also quite a few other interesting possibilities that have been brewing, namely the reintroduction of the Hearing Protection Act (killed in 2015 via subcommittee) and on January 3rd, Congressman Richard Hudson (R-N.C.8th) introduced H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which allows lawful firearm carriers from any state to carry a concealed firearm in any other state. If both were to pass, expect a full-fledged attacked from the progressive statists, devoid of rationale or logic, heavily reliant on fear and lies, basically the tact they've taken for years. For law abiding Americans though, partial reinstatement on your 2A Right.


UPDATE 3/29/17 The petition finally took off by February 19, 2017 we ended with 262,689 signatures! Will it amount to anything? We shall see.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Patch Caps Restocked!

Snapback patch caps now restocked on the BRD store:

*Patches are sold separately

Final Notes: Well, another year and BRD is still going. I can't thank all BRD's customers & supporters enough, I sincerely appreciate it! It's rather amazing to start a company with nothing but an idea, some hard earned money (in my case a severance package), and some motivation. 2017 will be very interesting and BRD will continue moving forward.

SHOT Show was last week and I will try to post some photos, but all the major blogs have had great coverage. Immediately after SHOT, I went to the Costa Mesa "Crossroads of the West" gunshow. With the onset of CA's recent gun laws, a lot of vendors were absent. The crowds still came out, but it was definitely a noticeable difference there, too. The statist politicians are slowly killing us, death by a thousand cuts! It's really sad to see considering CA used to have some of the greatest gunshows back in the 80s. For instance, people from all over the world would come to the Pomona gun show.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HALLOWEEN '16 Special Edition Tee

BRD's limited edition 2016 HALLOWEEN tee is now available! 

The tee is called THE VIOLENCE and features an AR15, dual wielding zombie with type reading "I'm just here for the Violence."

Here is the link to the tee: THE VIOLENCE T-SHIRT


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Plugging holes with tampons, good or bad?

I recently posted a pic on the BRD media channels of our corpsman's chestrig while on patrol along the US/MEX border this past weekend. In his rig he had two Tampax tampons, always food for quality jokes, but as someone stated, "Yeah everyone laughs, till it's sticking out your shoulder" - Nathan_I.

But is it effective in preventing blood loss and should it be a part of one's kit/IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) or is it a myth that should be quashed?

I reached out to Jon Wayne Taylor and asked his input on the subject. Following is what he emailed me and definitely jump over to TTAG to read the two articles he wrote regarding the subject:

"Tampons are ok for blood loss, but they have some pretty significant limitations.

They are not very big and their shape is inflexible. They just don't have a whole lot of surface area to them and they can't be made to fit the wound. I know we all think about "plugging the hole" for wound care, but it's important to remember that it's not a hole, it's a (likely irregular) channel. And the size and shape of most tampons just doesn't allow you much flexibility to put pressure on the entire bleeding surface. And pressure is what it's all about.

Again, they are better than table napkins and a torn shirt, but there are much better options available.

The gold standard for the treatment of penetrating trauma, in my experience treating hundreds of penetrating traumas, is Quick Clot Combat Gauze.

I think everyone should have at least one roll. It is, however, expensive.

The next best thing is cheap and easy to find. Simple Kerlix Gauze works great as long as you remember that pressure is what it's all about. It is pretty bulky though. The NAR Compressed Gauze works just as well, and is much easier to pack.

Be aware, even if you do buy the Quick Clot Combat Gauze, you will most likely need to follow it with simple gauze, like Kerlix or the NAR gauze.

I wrote a couple of articles about treating traumatic injuries for They include where to buy the products I recommend. They are posted here:


2) "

Therefore, if tampons are the only thing available in a critical situation, then use them, however, considering there are many alternatives that are far superior and that are readily available, your IFAK should include the aforementioned products and not tampons.

In the second article listed above, JWT had some excellent parting advice:

"Good medical gear really helps, but most kits have more things than you will need or know how to use. If you are on the range with other people, or you can throw a bag in your home or vehicle, I would recommend at least the following to treat others:

At least 4 tourniquets

At least 4 sets of Quick Clot Gauze, and at least 6 rolls of Kerlix.

At least 4 chest seals.

At least 3 Sam Splints

And buy more medical tape than you ever thought you would need and a flashlight that you don’t have to hold down a button to keep on. That’s the minimum. Put it in any easy-to-get to bag. I prefer everything in clear zip lock bags and put it all in one big compartment.

As I wrote before, for those of you who want to get into more medical training and would like a good guidebook, the Ranger Medic Handbook is the best single guide I’ve ever seen.

For more in-depth reading, I would recommend the US Army’s Emergency War Surgery, now published completely online as well as my constant field companion, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual."

Jon Wayne Taylor is a veteran, Army medic, and a proud Texas son.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Patches

New SYLM patches along with the BRD Crossed up femur and K-BAR skull patch just dropped!

The patches are 2.5"x2.5" with velcro backing. They are designed for the "Select Your Patch" caps (LINK), to be used on your kit, or for your ever growing patch collection.

[Click to enlarge image]

The yellow and black SYLM patch can be purchased HERE

The black and white BRD Skull patch can be purchased HERE


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I've had this project on my mind for a very long time, but finally decided it needed to become a reality instead of just being a jotted down note on the long, long "to-do" list. The first thing I did was acquire as much of the imagery needed, whether by taking photos of the receiver on my SGL31 or by searching the web. Ultimately, all images needed to be converted to vector format (AI / EPS), easily accomplished once I had compiled the right images. One of my initial struggles was finding a decent icon for "safe", because as we all know, finger is safety in Mother Russia. I settled on a generic "0" as most Russian firearms do not have a safety icon. Later I found out via responses on TFB ( that "ПР" or "П" derived from Передохранитель would have been more appropriate and that the AK-12 & the AEK-971 both use ПР for "safe" on the selector markings.

After completing the design work and sizing, off to the laser engraver the 80% went along with the digital file. $130 and two days later, bam, the IZHMASH paperweight was born.  Not a lower or firearm yet though.

[Click on images to enlarge]

Immediately after getting the 80% back I hatched my evil plan to make this an AR pistol chambered in .300 AAC Blackout / 300 BLK / 7.62×35mm which merges the 7.62×39mm Soviet cartridge with the AR15 platform. Additionally, this is basically one of the only remaining ways to get an AR15 pistol in CA now; to make it yourself. Due to CA's idiotic laws, it must also be built from the ground up as a single shot, whether by a manufacturer or by an individual.

With the 80% engraved and the limitless options of AR15 Lego components floating around in my head, I hunkered down and began my quest for parts. As Ghandi said, "Let the destruction of my daughter's college savings fund begin!" First up, finding a good barrel, which wasn't too difficult with all the great options now available. I was fortunate enough to scoop up a 10" barrel from Ballistic Advantage (BAMF), a fine specimen made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium with a QPQ corrosion resistant finish, more commonly known as melonite.

More parts arrived: a BCM blemish upper, a SilencerCo ASR FH, an ALG QMS FCG, a Tango Down grip, a Magpul trigger guard, a Spikes pistol length gas tube, and a low end adjustable gas block, which I eventually sent back as I did not like the location of the set screw.

However, at this point I also decided to get the 80% anodized. If I had completed the 80% and then attempted to get it anodized, I would have had to find an anodizer with an FFL, not an easy quest. And, no, most anodizes who wish to stay in business will not do it while you wait. My understanding is the ATF has been shutting down places that had this policy, at least in San Diego County.

With the anodized 80% back in my hands, it was time to mill this sucka out and turn this inanimate object into a real life, fire breathing, ghost gunning, 30 rnds in half a second, FIREARM! And after a few hours of work, that's exactly what it became.

As mentioned previously, I returned the original adjustable gas block I had ordered and exchanged it for the Seekins adjustable gas block (.750 DIA). Besides the superior machining of the Seekins, the set screw is located on the front or muzzle facing side of the gas block, making it far more accessible for constricting or releasing more gas. Many other options require the removal of the handguard, not desirable from my point of view, so be aware of the location of the set screw and the regulator screw when making your decision.

A test fit on the barrel with the Seekins gas block revealed that part of the Geissele 9.5" MK4 rail would need to be removed in order to access the regulator screw with ease.

After 5 minutes with the Dremel and some cleanup work with a file, it was GTG.

With that completed, I was ready to paint. I was feeling an OD green with a black combo after riding in a Sherman tank a few weeks earlier, so it was time to degrease the parts.

Aervoe rattle can is my go-to paint. Once parts are dry and degreased, I hit them with a light coat. They then cure for 48hrs, hit them again, then allow to cure for another 48hrs. Here is a write up on Aervoe from a previous blog post:

With all the parts dry, everything starts to come together.

Final notes. Test firing was uneventful, a good thing. I started with the regulator screw closed in most of the way, fired one shot, it failed to extract, bolt didn't have enough force to lock back or even clear the mag. Next step, open up the regulator a little more, fired the next round, spent case extracted at 4 o'clock and the bolt locked back. Done.

FYI the serial number below the arsenal mark on the magwell has been Photoshopped out of all these photos. A serial number is not necessary, in fact no markings are necessary on a firearm built by a law abiding American, as "Federal law does not require a homemade gun to have identifying marks (such as a serial number), as long as it remains in the possession of the original maker. The ATF suggests that all homemade firearms be marked with a serial number (or distinguishing marks) as a safeguard in the event the firearm is lost or stolen, but requires it if the gun is otherwise lawfully transferred in the future." -

It is your right to build firearms, so get started building! But... also know the laws, especially in a place like Californiastan. Ask questions or google search your questions, better to ask a "dumb" question than be arrested for some asinine BS. Happy building, folks.