Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Contact Left!

While shooting other people's garbage in the desert this morning, we decided to do some run & gun drills for the fun of it & to get that heart rate going.

The scenario, our vehicle has come under fire from the left rendering it inoperable and the only option is to exit and move to cover, engage threat, move forward while continuing to engage, and neutralize the threat. We were simply having some fun, don't take it too seriously, heck, I forgot to do my Wolverines yell at the end!

That said, I'm not calling my movements or actions when I should always be communicating with my team. And, though we were doing this informally, it should just be a standard. I was very hesitant to post this video as it could live for infinity on the interwebz in mockery, but it is a testament to how important training is and to get used to moving while firing, getting that heart rate up, acknowledging that although the paper targets can't shoot back, upon review, I have continually exposed myself or major body parts, like my thigh/femoral artery. That AK empty mag "click" at position two, gotta love it, but imagine exposing yourself, taking aim, and "click". Not good and not entirely sure how I could combat that other that having a BHO mag mod or simply doing a mag change while under cover.

Click on the cog wheel on the lower right of the vid frame to watch in HD.

My primary was my SGL 31 running 7N6 with an Aimpoint PRO mounted in a Midwest Industries 30mm side mount and a VLTOR stock adapter with a Magpul MOE stock. Sling was the Magpul MS3. I plan to do a post on the MI mount in the next few days, as well as a post on cleaning the SGL after running corrosive milsurp. My secondary was a stock FNP-9 in a modded Serpa holster.

We picked up all that trash when we left because no one else is going to do it. Notice the bucket with the magnet stick, perfect for picking up spent steel cases, not to mention the garbage bag at position one.

If you jump onto the BRD Youtube channel there's also a Pt II of the same run, which we did several times.

Final notes. Needs improvement. Would love to take a few tactical training courses, something I personally have never done.