Friday, January 10, 2014

Installing the Magpul MOE® Fixed Carbine Stock

For $50 shipped, I decided to try the Magpul MOE® Fixed Carbine Stock (Mil-Spec). Installation is very simple and the only tool you'll need is a flat head screwdriver.

As always, safety is your #1 priority, so remove your magazine (if one is inserted), retract your charging handle, clearing the action, visually inspect the chamber, release the bolt forward, and place the firearm on safe. The lower pictured has no upper on it, so we're GTG on the safety check. 

[1] Select and install mounting bracket.

Unboxed, the kit comes with three parts total. The first section is made up of two mounting brackets that mount up snug to the lower, over the buffer tube/receiver extension. Functionally, if your lower uses a receiver end plate sling system, like the Magpul ASAP, the mounting bracket on the right in section one would be installed. If your lower uses a standard end plate (as pictured) the mounting bracket selected for installation would be based on visual preference. I opted for the mounting bracket on the left for a clean, solid look that mounted flush to the rear of the lower. Remove your current stock and slide on the mounting bracket you have selected.

[2] Install the stock.

The second section, the stock, is the next step of the installation. Upon closer inspection of the stock, the locking mechanism and mating system is readily visible and self explanatory. The channels pictured line up with the mounting bracket and join up once the stock is slid into position. To install the stock; remove the screw, slide the stock over the receiver extension/buffer tube and mate up the stock with the mounting bracket.

[3] Tighten the stock into position.

The locking mechanism is the screw picture above. Once the stock is in position and mated up with the mounting bracket, reinsert the screw (on the right side of the stock or the opposite side of the nut), and tighten with a flat head screwdriver. It doesn't take much to tighten the two sections into place, so avoid over-tightening.

[4] The completed view. 

Overall length from the rear of the castle nut is approximately 8" (including the butt-pad). That is about the same position as the first locking point of an adjustable stock. 

Final notes. I will probably purchase a Magpul PRS Extended butt-pad to increase my LOP, but I need to take out my AR and run it before I make that decision.  Additionally, though this stock falls under the MOE designation, be aware that the MOE Enhanced butt-pad will not fit this stock. The kit does not include a QD sling mount system, but it does allow for the installation of one on either side of the stock. This will have to be purchased separately and usually goes for $15. Lastly, this stock does not have side mounting slots to accept cheek risers. If you were not using a cheek riser to begin with, that is a non-issue, but might be a consideration for some buyers, like AK operators who wish to use optics.

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