Wednesday, April 13, 2016


NEW TEES now available at the BLK RFL DIV online store.

BRD has teamed up with the Texas based, AK builders & US Military veterans, the DEAD GOOSE SOCIETY to create the VAE VICTIS t-shirt and hoodie. The design represents the DGS 'King of Death' and the BRD 'Grim Reaper', both with implements of war in hand, two sides of the same scale.

"VAE VICTIS" : Origin, Latin/Roman : Raiding Celtic tribes under the leadership of Brennus ravaged Rome and occupied the city for three months. They demanded a ransom to leave the Roman capital. Brennus demanded his weight in gold. When the Romans complained that the scales were innaccurate, Brennus threw his sword onto the scales to be weighed also. He then announce "VAE VICTUS" - (Woe to the Vanquished) The Romans were forced to bring more gold to counterbalance the weight sword.

The black t-shirt can be purchased either from the BRD store or the DGS online store, who also sell AK parts and fine, custom built AKs. The hoodie  and additional colorways, heather grey & military green, are only available via the BRD website.

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Also printed, the LIVE FREE OR DIE graphic, available on a t-shirt and black coach jacket. The graphic on the coach jacket is clean and crisp, while the t-shirt version is more corroded. T-shirts are available in black, cardinal, and sand, as well as, sand long sleeve to protect your arms from the forth coming summer sun.

Finally, the follow up to SPRAY & PRAY with BORN TO KILL, a parody on Animal Mother from FMJ and Star Wars... Yub nub!

Also have a couple of new ones following after these. Stay tuned!