Sunday, March 23, 2014

Did someone say bacon?

On a completely different note, time for a bacon post! One of my vices is chocolate, another is bacon, thus, a match made in heaven that lays on my work bench as I piddle away on another project this evening.

It tastes exactly how you would expect it to and it's damned good with your favourite hot beverage or maybe even a Guinness.

Chuao Chocolatier Maple Bacon Bar retails for around $5, probably one of the most expensive chocolate bars I have ever purchased, besides a Ritter Bar. They are based out of California and I admire their adventurous spirit... a lot. Definitely something different to break up the monotony of Kit Kats and Baby Ruths. The Popcorn Bar was not at all what I expected, it's actually pop rocks in chocolate. An excellent item to play a prank on someone with, just pretend you are not having the same sensation they are.

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