Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I have been running a MAGPUL K2 grip on my PSA/FORTIS AR15 and I've started to dislike it. I find that when I'm transitioning primary to secondary or visa versa, I'm not conforming to the natural hold that I've become used to. My muscle memory is jarred for a split second, especially considering it is the only AR I have set up with this particular style of grip. Now, before someone rolls their eyes, it may be your favorite grip, I'm happy for you, but I'm just not (literally) feeling it.

MAGPUL states that the grip has more of a vertical angle, this is by design and most definitely true, but it also has an aggressive indent that the webbing between the thumb and hand falls into. I believe this feature is what is getting to me the most. Again, beautifully designed, but just not for me. So, I gave MAGPUL more money and ordered up another MIAD. Problem solved!

Following are some images for a side by side comparison.

Side by side, you can see the sweep on the MIAD vs the vertical back of the K2 that then drops into a huge, awkward indent. The MIAD also fills my hand perfectly as opposed to the slim profile of the K2. Additionally, the MIAD mimics the grip of my FNP-9 more closely than the K2, all about ergonomics and muscle memory. 

If you toggle between (click images to enlarge) the two images above, you'll see how the K2 kicks forward, because of it's vertical design versus the MIAD's gradual and natural sweeping design that is characteristic in most grips.

The GEN 1.1 MIAD comes with an oil bottle... I do not care for this, as well as, additional parts that allow the user to adjust the grip's ergonomics based on preference of fit.

I use my storage compartment for additional batteries for my optics and/or light. It's a great option to have in any pistol grip for miscellaneous items or components specifically dedicated to the platform.

The K2 also has a storage compartment, nothing fancy and it doesn't need to be. It gets the job done, simple and effective, like most of the MOE line.

Final notes. Run your system how you want to; familiarize yourself with it, test new gear with/on it, get away from the bench as much as possible, and if something is not functioning in accordance with your working space, change it sooner than later.

Just released, the new MOE-SL grip does away with the indent while maintaining the vertical style of the K2. If you like the style of the K2, this is an alternate option to consider. Note that it does not have the indent and does not have a storage compartment like the K2.

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