Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Prices & Changes to the BRD Store

First, please note pricing on t-shirts has changed on the BRD website in order to not undercut the retailers that are currently carrying the brand, namely, EVIKE and ZOO Tactical.

Secondly, BRD is proud to announce that the brand will be sold through ZOO Tactical as of today. Following is ZOO Tac's mission statement:

Zoo Tactical was created by the founders of Shooter Zoo based out of Californa, USA. Carrying everyday lifestyle apparel from some of your favorite brands for the sporting arm enthusiast. Uniting quality brands and distinguished products to one site. I guess you can call us an “Everyday Carry Site.”

Final notes. BLK RFL DIV has been something I've wanted to do for years and I've poured all my energy & the limited resources I personally had into it. Lately, there has been little time to shoot, do blog posts, or illustrate/design, and by working more closely with the aforementioned retail outlets I hope to free up my time to do more in regard to keeping the brand going and to shoot more! I don't think I've ever heard anyone say running a small business is easy, but running a small business, having a full-time job, and raising a child definitely is a lot of work.

A personal note to all the customers and people who have supported BRD, I cannot thank you enough for taking a chance with an unknown brand. You chose to because the brand is not based off of an artificial advertising campaign, it is entrenched within the shooting community and it is about standing for something. I and all of you stand for the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, we stand for freedom and for our great Country.

If anyone has any questions at all, please email BRD through the CONTACT page on the store.

- Rob

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