Saturday, February 15, 2014

CMP M1 Pig Sticker

A package on my doorstep, I wonder what's in it? Must be from Italy, fra-gi-le bay-o-net. I had received my CMP M1 bayonets a month after placing my order. I ordered part # PB004UFH, described as:

Bayonets, Model M1 w/scabbard UNION FORK AND HOE MFG.

Used Model M1 bayonets. These bayonets were originally produced as model M1, 10" in length. Bayonets and scabbards are used, exhibiting scratches, dents, dings & rust. Blade, button & handle of bayonet are not broken and no parts are missing. The scabbard may be foreign manufacture, discolored, painted & cut down to match bayonet length. Bayonet and scabbard show expected wear for age of item.

Two bayonets at $65 each + $10 shipping, one month wait, no complaints from me. Obviously I immediately unpacked them and, of course, they were drenched in cosmoline. The first bayonet looked like it had never been used, it had definitely never been sharpened and was in excellent shape, while the second had been used, sharpened, and was more desirable to me personally. 

Now let the clean up begin! On the CMP forum there are many different recommendations on how to clean your new acquisition; from mineral spirits, to boiling hot water, use your wife's hair dryer (come on, I know better than to do that), soak it in WD-40, and so on. However, I kept it simple and took the advice of one post I read, using just paper towels with the addition of cotton swabs and a light application of Breakfree CLP upon reassembly. It took about 30 minutes to thoroughly clean each bayonet. This is a messy job, but someone's got to do it, so get some gloves, paper towels, cotton swabs, and a flat head screwdriver. I also prepped my workspace by laying down some packaging paper, easily roll it up and toss it when you're done.

[1] Disassemble the bayonet

To remove the bayonet from the scabbard, simply depress the catch button and retract.

Locate the center screw on the grip and rotate counter-clockwise, lefty loosy. This will allow you to remove the grip to access the internals.

There it is! The second one was actually worse, cosmoline mixed with sand. 

To remove the lever; [1] depress and continue holding the catch button in, [2] push the bayonet lug catch down and out of the mortise/pommel, [3] then push the lever out from the side shown above. The lever will then freely drop onto your workspace.

I then used the lever to remove the catch button spring.

[2] The clean up 

As stated, paper towels and cotton swabs will easily get the job done. As far as the scabbard, I only cleaned off the throat of the locket and any cosmo located on the exterior. I did not have anything available to swab the inside and as long as there was only cosmo, a preservative, why bother attempting to remove it. 

[3] Reassemble the bayonet

I applied a light coat of Breakfree CLP to the interior parts, wiped off the excess, and then reassembled. Reassembly is not complicated, just go in reverse order; insert spring, insert catch button, insert lever (depress & hold the catch button, locate the correct side of the tang that the lever fits with the circular rotation groove, mate the lever with the hole on the catch button, slide the lug catch up into the mortise/pommel, release the catch button), place the grip parts in the correct position, and reinstall the center crew. Do not over tighten the center screw. 

Final notes. The CMP is alive and well, so join today! You will have to provide proof of US citizenship, club affiliation, and some form of marksmenship or safety certification. I joined the GCA for $25 to fulfil the club affiliation requirement and then used my HSC for the cert requirement. The HSC is a card you receive after passing the test that is given for any & all handgun purchases in CA, good for 5 years. I faxed in all my info and received an email confirmation, then freely proceeded to purchase anything of interest. I have some ammo on order too, but I have no idea when it'll arrive. If you need something in a timely manner, I suggest you use an alternate vendor. If you have the patience, it's nice to have something show up on your doorstep unexpectedly, basically a surprise gift to yourself. That's one way to look at it, right? 

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