Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grease up your FCG!

Rule of thumb, keep your AR15 lubed up and she will keep pumping lead downrange without a hiccup... in an ideal world. I use Breakfree CLP (and you have your go-to lube, so if it works for you, keep using it), but what about grease, do I really need it and should I use it on the FCG in my AR15? I use Lubriplate 130-A MIL, though cheap wheel bearing (hi temp) grease from your local automotive parts shop should be more than sufficient, on my M1A and on my AK platforms, basically anywhere that there is metal on metal contact, so why not on my AR15s?

I recently got a QMS trigger from ALG Defense and the kit included a diagram of the FCG that had call-outs that specified where grease should/could be applied. And those areas were, of course, points of metal on metal contact. In fact, the packaged QMS hammer had a dollop of grease applied on one of the lubrication points noted in the diagram.

Nothing new to the table here, just wanted to post the diagram on the interwebz as it's usually frowned upon to use grease on an AR15 and, if brought up, the topic almost always revolves around all the usual lube suspects. And, yes, the topic has been debated to death....

[Click on image to enlarge]

About the QMS trigger; an excellent, cost effective upgrade with a very crisp, clean break. This is not a match trigger, so don't expect a 3.5lb - 4lb pull weight. From ALG's website:

The pull of the QMS is very similar to a standard mil-spec trigger, however the majority of the associated grittiness of the stock trigger pull has been removed while the well known reliability of a stock trigger remains. The pull weight is not lower than the M4/M16 minimum weight specification of 5.5lbs.

If you are currently working on a new build (come on, we all are, whether it's in your head or a reality) and debating what trigger to get without breaking the bank, buy a triggerless LPK and get the ALG QMS. You will not be disappointed.

ALG's parent company is Geissele... 'nuff said.

Final notes. Following is a good post from ARFCOM that covers most of the lube points on your AR15. Note that 'G' stands for 'Generous' and not grease.

Update 09/22/14: Today I took out one of my firearms with an ALG QMS FCG that I had greased up the night before (with white lithium grease). I had, what I would say, were two negligent discharges over the course of the day. Now even though the firearm was pointed downrange and the shots did strike the target I was shooting at, they were not intentionally fired. Sending a round downrange should be done with purpose and control, and these shots did not exhibited purpose or control, thus, negligent discharges. Each was after the trigger reset for follow-up shots, an observer probably would not have noticed the difference between a reg shot or the ND, but the slightest movement sent a round. I had approximately 100 ends on this QMS FCG. After returning from the range, I stripped down my firearm and inspected my FCG. I removed all the grease and do not plan on applying it on this particular FCG again. Other than that, a decent day of shooting, but NDs are no ****ing joke and definitely pissed me off. Consistency, purpose & control, that's what I want to achieve each time I go to the range... ha, don't we all.

So, this evening, while still somewhat disgruntled about the NDs that I attributed to my personal actions or complacency behind the trigger, I performed a trigger function check and was able to replicate the FCG reset failure or doubling. I have contacted ALG and look forward to their response. I have already replaced the FCG with another QMS FCG (that I had on hand) and performed a function check that passed without issue.

This morning, 09/23/14, after sending an email to ALG yesterday, I received an email from ALG stating they were going to immediately send out a new QMS trigger and would include a stamped envelope so that I could send back the faulty trigger group. Top notch customer service.

09/26/14 I received my replacement and installed it. FCG checked out. I mailed back the failed FCG.

10/3/14 ALG responded to my inquiry regarding the problematic FCG after receiving it, their response:

I did receive the QMS trigger yesterday. The reason why you were having an issue with it was because the nose of the trigger was rounded over. When this happens, double firing is not uncommon.

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