Friday, November 28, 2014

Strike Hard's AKM Bayonet MOLLE Sheath

I had this great idea following the purchase of my latest AK bayonets, I was going to design & make some MOLLE sheaths from some left over material I had for my AK bayonets. I checked the interwebz to see what solutions were currently out there, if any at all, and, sure enough, someone had already done it. I found Strike Hard Gear's AKM MOLLE sheath and, for $23 shipped, I postponed my endeavor and picked one up.

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The sheath arrive a couple days later (as it was in stock and did not have to be made per my order). All materials used are top quality, double stitched, plenty of PALS webbing, and solid like the AK bayonet it was made to carry. Installation is straight forward as the design is efficient in it's simplicity: slide the bayonet scabbard into place under a large piece of fabric and then fasten two velcro straps, one for the scabbard and the second is for the bayonet grip, for additional retention. No doubt about it, the Strike Hard AKM sheath is a great American Made update for your commie pig sticker. 

However, I had a problem with mine, the lower retention fabric was too tight and, even though I tried to Hulk Hogan it in there, it would not slide in. I contacted Strike Hard and Todd immediately responded. I shipped it back and, shortly thereafter, it came back to me with just enough slack to allow the scabbard to easily insert while maintaining sufficient retention. I'm a fan, because good customer service does make a difference. Nothing better than an excellent American made product that is back up by the company's (Strike Hard's) excellent customer service. 

The next step was figuring out where this mutha was going to go, on my PC or my battle belt....

My battle belt allows for quick access to the interior webbing belt and the SHG AKM MOLLE sheath has a 1.75" belt opening. 

The belt access opening on the left side seems to be the optimal location on the battle belt. No room up front, because of my mag pouches and I decided to avoid the right side, because of my holster/secondary & additional pouches, but mainly because it could impede quick deployment of my secondary. However, I have been running my TOPS Fieldcraft Knife on the left side, though, with the AKM bayonet, I had a change in my thought process. In the unlikely scenario (never say never) I needed to attach my bayonet to my SGL-31, I would retain control over my firearm with my right hand and maneuver with my left, thus making the left side location optimal. In theory, of course, as I have not run this set up yet. I could decide the complete opposite later on and this is something you have to test on your own, "what works for you?"

As pictured below, I tried the spot behind my dump pouch, but this was not a viable option IMO. Reason one, sitting in vehicle or anywhere, the bayonet is in an undesirable location and, two, obstruction of the dump pouch when in use.

Now let's take a look at it on my Shellback Banshee PC. The AK-74 bayonet is not short and stubby, measuring in at 13.5" OAL, with the SHG sheath coming in at ~13.75" loaded. As pictured below, it takes up a lot of vertical real estate when compared to the Gerber LMF II.   

I attached the bayonet setup to my Shellback Banshee PC with two Blackhawk! speedclips for a quick review of the system. Malice clips would be preferable (shoulda, coulda, woulda picked up a couple from SHG), because the speedclips slipped out when I removed the bayonet to attached to my SGL-31. If you look closely in some of my next pics, you'll notice the slip, it's pulled up and to the left. However, this slip could have been attributed to of my quick installation.

Final notes. American made, American badass gear. Can't wait to run it and need to go shoot soon. I've been working my ass off trying to get my tees and accessories out for the BLK RFL DIV line so have been stuck indoors for the past few weeks. Strike Hard and the many other proud American small business' get all my respect and I hope to follow in their footsteps. 


  1. Awsome product I'm looking forward to getting a couple for use and review on my YouTube channel

    1. Please post a link to your youtube post once you get them & review them. Cheers.