Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crayons, Not Just For Kids

Marking your elevation and windage on the rear sight of your M1A can be done with an inexpensive and effective application of whiteout, enamel paint, fingernail polish, acrylic paint, or crayons. I recently ended up removing the terrible job I did at marking my rear sight with whiteout and decide to use a white crayon. Crayons are easily applied and clean up is a breeze, not to mention you'll be surprised at how resilient the application is. If you don't like the end result, simply use a toothpick and toothbrush to remove the crayon.

First, make sure your firearm is unloaded; rack the charging handle back, visibly & physically inspect the chamber, once cleared, allow the charging handle to go forward, and place the safety on if you haven't already done so.

Next, clean the rear sight where you plan on applying the crayon with some denatured alcohol. I use a q-tip and rag. You don't have to use too much, just give it a few wipes, and make sure the gunk is out of the crevices you intend to highlight.

Besides the actual crayon, the only other items you'll need are paper towels and more q-tips.

Get right into it, don't worry about the mess because it's easily cleaned up, just jam that crayon into the crevices. 

Once you have a good amount of wax built up into the rear sight markings, wipe the excess away with a dry q-tip and dry paper towel. 

Final notes. It's that simple and, again, if you don't like it, just remove it with a wooden toothpick and an old toothbrush.

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