Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Geissele / ALG Defense AK Trigger

About a week ago Geissele posted a sneak peak of the forthcoming ALG AK trigger with the following info:

Look what the ALG Elves are working on tonight! The new ALG Defense AK-47 trigger. The Lightning Bow's unique shape and position makes the AKT a transformative addition to an AK. See and shoot it at SHOT 2015.

Being a huge fan of the ALG QMS triggers for my AR15s, this is great news for all AK owners, like myself, who are always looking for options to improve one of the worst triggers on one of the most notorious and widely fielded small arms in the world. BLK RFL DIV will be venturing to the 2015 SHOT Show and I will definitely give this trigger a test.

Final notes. There are already some quality upgrades for the AK trigger, most notably, the Red Star Arms adjustable trigger, but this entrance into the AK market by Geissele/ALG should be interesting and I welcome it.

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