Monday, December 22, 2014

Emdom's Multi Calibre Mag Pouch

It's nice to be able to grab your gear and know that if you're going to be running 5.56, 7.62x39, or 5.45x39 for the day you don't have to worry about changing out the mag pouches to accept your mags. There are a few viable options on the market right now that can accomplish this and I have been using Emdom / MM's AK / M4 double magazine pouches for about a year & a half now. MM stands for Military Morons and the pouch was a collaboration between the two groups, one of many collabs, thus the co-branding. MM is well known, but if you haven't heard of the site or name, it's a great website with a ton of excellent reviews on gear & accessories.

The mag pouch utilizes a large velcro closure flap that is fully adjustable from the interior to accommodate different magazine types and adequately shelters stowed mags from the elements. If debris or precipitation do enter the interior of the pouch, there is a grommet on the bottom to allow said debris and water to exit. This minor detail does make a difference. The pouch also features a passive external elastic retention band to mitigate juggling while on the move.

The drainage grommet and elastic band around the middle of the pouch for mag retention is visible in the picture above. Additionally, there is no shortage of velcro, allowing for full adjustability.

Above is the interior part of the flap that can be adjusted to accommodate a diverse range of mags.

3 sets, 4 mags in each set for the two pouches I have on my battle belt. In order of appearance: 5.56x45mm Magpul PMAGS, 7.62x39mm Izzy Bakelite mags, and 5.45x39mm Izzy mags.

The Emdom/MM magazine pouch is easily mounted on your web gear with two long MALICE clips (as pictured up above) that are included with the pouch when purchased.

5.56x45mm Magpul PMAGS up first.

The 7.62x39mm Izzy Bakelite mags. Something to consider, for the picture I had the mags in the back slide in last, however, if you pull from the front first, you should load the front mags last. The reason being the overlapping of the floorplates. The same attention to the stacking of the floorplates should be given if you run your mags 'bullets up'.

5.45x39mm Izzy mags. Same note on stacking the floorplates as with the Bakelites.

Emdom's website states that the mag pouch was designed to run with 'bullets up', especially when running AK mags and specifically because of the snag potential of the rear locking lug. I have always run my mags up-side-down or 'bullets down & forward (facing)' and I have not had an issue, so I will continue running them 'bullets down & forward'.

Final notes. You can tell that the 3 Bakelites pictured up above have zero floorplate wear and I admit they were just for show. Why, because they're damn sexy, that's why and contrasting them with modern gear just looks good IMO. The ones I do run when shooting featureless in CA & freely in NV or AZ, are old sanitized TULA mags that I've had for years. They've held up well.

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  1. Hey Bud!

    Thanks for sharing this useful information about mag pouches!

    These military mag pouches are really useful to carry various relevant things .Pouches are also easy to carry.

    I have a triple open-top mag pouch on the front for easy access, and standard mag pouches on the sides. By using the regular mag pouches on the sides, I can swap them out for grenades when needed, or use them to carry extra magazines.

    This keeps the bulk on the sides and leaves my vest thinner in front.