Thursday, February 9, 2017

Repeal the NFA!

Over the past few weeks BRD has been posting daily updates of the signature tally for the petition currently running to Repeal the NFA on social media:

As it stands today, there are 78,361 signatures to support the repeal and we need 21,639 signatures by February 19, 2017 to truly embolden our united voice against an egregious piece of legislation that only curbs the rights of and unjustly taxes law abiding Americans.

Don't know what the NFA is? Please read up on it:

There are two key events that are working in our favor.

First, the significant change in the White House with a new pro-2A administration and POTUS, President Trump.

Secondly, the supposedly leaked internal memo by the CCO of the ATF, Ronald Turk, called the "White Paper."  COO Turk has something called "common sense" and based on what I've read and discussed with friends, it is very refreshing to see a government official with practical ideas petition our very own government via a formal request, addressing topics that could ultimately change unConstitutional and asinine laws IF they are acknowledged and action is taken. Under Eric Holder and Obama's progressive regime, he probably would have been "retired."  COO Turk understands the opportunity we now have with a pro-2A administration, he requires our support and we should most definitely rally to his side.

A few informal notes on the "White Paper":

- Clarification of stabilizing braces, misusing a product is not the same as redesigning or manufacturing.
- Deregulation (NFA) of suppressors.
- Drastically re-analyze "sporting purposes" to include common use rifles (many that are banned now) and allow their import. (Bring back Saigas... wait we don't need Saigas, AKMs, make it rain!)
- Streamline processes for DDs and ammunition for them.
- To allow interstate purchasing at gun shows or other events. 

The breaking post from TFB:

There are also quite a few other interesting possibilities that have been brewing, namely the reintroduction of the Hearing Protection Act (killed in 2015 via subcommittee) and on January 3rd, Congressman Richard Hudson (R-N.C.8th) introduced H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which allows lawful firearm carriers from any state to carry a concealed firearm in any other state. If both were to pass, expect a full-fledged attacked from the progressive statists, devoid of rationale or logic, heavily reliant on fear and lies, basically the tact they've taken for years. For law abiding Americans though, partial reinstatement on your 2A Right.


UPDATE 3/29/17 The petition finally took off by February 19, 2017 we ended with 262,689 signatures! Will it amount to anything? We shall see.

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